Mental Wellness

Mental Wellness can be described as one’s ability to enjoy life, most simply. It takes into account behavioral and emotional adjustmentand an ability to adjust the environment for your own needs and wants as well as those of others. In life, we are best served by a balance of life activities and development of a psychological resilience. In other words, finding the things we like to do and having coping skills to enjoy them. Sigmund Freud said mental health was the capacity “to work and to love.”

What’s a Health & Healing Network without taking this into account for each individualToday we are the benefactors of modern approaches to therapy, and it’s not just for mental illness alone anymore. All of us have times and sources of stress, all of us can benefit from greater copinskills and understanding. Depression, anxiety, stress, these have each reached sometimes epidemic proportions and acute levels in many people, so it‘s factor that has to be addressed in antruly comprehensive approach addinto overall health as found with the Health & Healing Network.

Modem approaches to mental well-being include:

• Physical activity

Therapies that are based in activities and/ or expression




And benefits include:

• Resolution of social, economic, familial and relationship problems

• Relief of psychiatric symptoms

• Harmony

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