Medical Exercise

A great benefit of getting healthier is exercise and that as you do it, and as the synergy of the different aspects of good health starts to work, exercise does get easier. You dform better habits as a result, and the complementary modalities feed each other, speeding up benefits and making for long instead of only shortterm improvements in your health. Exercise is no exception, and you can start small, you can find things you love to do, and you can be guided by a professional so that your efforts actually payoff, so you actually see and feel results.

The personal trainer in the Health & Healing Network, like the other professionals, is not only vetted but accomplished. There is a physical activity for everyone, it just needs to be  found. Having a professional to guide you to that activity makes that easier and more effective. Results are the best motivation. Too many people who start “going to the gym” (without guidance) give up quickly because, as they say, “nothing happened.” With the right trainer, you too can enjoy the benefits of a physical regimen that is fun.

Benefits of a physical regimen:

Improved appearance

Improved physical fitness

More, natural energy (making it easier to cut back on caffeine and sugar)

Preventing aging

Strengthening muscles

Improving your cardiovascular system

Boosting your immune system

Preventing coronary heardisease

Preventing type 2 diabetes

Weight loss and prevention of obesity

Prevention of insomnia

Prevention and mitigation of stress and depression

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